Investment Research

The Statera Capital Team has consolidated over 100 news and research articles and publications into an investment thesis for long term investors considering Tanzania...

Tanzania:  The Rising Star of East Africa
Eight reasons why we're at the start of the great Tanzanian growth story

Published July 2016

The Indicator

Members of the Statera Capital Team write a monthly column called "The Indicator" in The Exchange Magazine focusing on topics relevant to the economy and investment in East Africa. 

We take economic or financial statistics from East Africa and break it down into bite-sized nuggets of knowledge for investors.  Here is a selection of a few of our monthly columns:

Introducing “The Indicator” and 253 Trillion - Published Q3 2015

The Impact of a Youthful Population in East Africa - Published Q3 2015

Just How Much Gold is Beneath the Surface in East Africa? - Published Q4 2015

How Do Low Petroleum Prices Impact East African Economies? - Published Q4 2015

Which Countries in East Africa Have the Highest Density of Tourists? - Published Q1 2016

How the Cost of Mobile Telecom Services Impacts Growth in East Africa - Published Q1 2016

Understanding the Stock Markets in East Africa - Published Q2 2016

The Financial Impact of Donor Funding on East African Economies - Published Q2 2016

How Do Electricity Costs In East Africa Compare to the Rest of the World? - Published Q2 2016

Conferences and Presentations

The following are conferences and presentations given by Statera Capital team members

International Conference on Venture Capital and Private Equity in Tanzania - November 2014

Brazil Outsourcing Conference - How can Brazil compete and win?

Global Site Visit – The Essential Next Step

Program Management Office Best Practices Conference

Global Sourcing Strategies and Global Sourcing Geographies

Capturing Value in the Global Market

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